Information Reporting – CONTROL

CONTROL is MIB’s web portal offering a broad range of correspondent banking services, backed by robust security, availability, and usability. With CONTROL, you can automate many of the functions you may currently perform manually and take advantage of lower electronic fees. Even Federal Reserve transactions and reports may be passed through CONTROL, making it unnecessary for your bank to maintain a separate account at the Federal Reserve Bank.


•  ACH Origination
•  Upload NACHA formatted ACH files
•  Large Dollar Return Notifications
•  Domestic Wire Transactions
•  International Wire Transactions
•  Currency Orders
•  Automated Submission of Check Adjustments
•  FR-ETA (Federal Reserve’s Electronic Tax Application)
•  Statement Retrieval
•  Report/Advice retrieval
•  Archive Retrieval
•  Cash Letter Processing
•  Physical Token Security
•  Complex Device Identification
•  Dual Authorization for Entitlement Administration and Processing
•  Enhanced Control of Administrative Functions

Contact the MIB Operations Team by calling us directly at (800) 347-4642 to find out more.