You and your staff work so long and hard to provide customers with cost effective banking services, crucial lending programs and responsive support bar none.

So does MIB…But our customers just happen to be small community banks like yours.

Our correspondent, lending and operations services restore the natural order of things within the small banking community—a community that would be forced into faceless relationships with large retail institutions that compete against them and send pricing through the roof.

Do mega banks really understand what your bank faces today with compliance, regulatory issues and audits? They can send those things to a big department to handle. Smaller banks… well, you have us.

Competing is one thing. Thriving is another.

Doing both is possible with MIB behind you. We’re a centralized hub for all of your business critical services. If we don’t have it, we know a trusted provider that does—anything to give you a competitive advantage by keeping more services and profit in-house versus sending customers elsewhere.

Join close to 550 community banks throughout Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Arkansas, South Dakota and Kansas at MIB. With the majority of our customers having been with us for decades now, there’s not a compliance, regulatory, lending, correspondent, back room, technical, etc. service we can’t help you with. MIB is standing by ready to jump in.

One Source. One Call.

A knowledgeable staff personally handling everything you’re required to do with the audit trail to prove it and savings to warrant it. Your bank
deserves MIB.