Compliance Services

ACH Audit

We provide your management team with a professional opinion of your ACH risk assessment and suggestions for improvement which include ACH operations and related processes as we perform the annual ACH audit.

BSA Audit

This audit is of your BSA/OFAC compliance risk assessments including the necessary controls. Your bank’s CIP and account opening procedures are examined. Employee training is reviewed including documentations, scope, and frequency, as well as staff qualifications for compliance. Management and BOD oversight reporting is included. Policies and procedures review for BSA/AML is also included. SAR detection and reporting are analyzed. Currency transaction reporting is examined. Previous audits and exams are reviewed.

Directors’ Exams

The Bank Directors are responsible for the overall objectives and strategy of their bank, including the enforcement of bank policies and best practices. This exam helps Board of Directors stay abreast of the condition and policies to help manage liability. The exam is subject to state law minimum requirements, but may be tailored to focus attention on specific areas of concern or higher risk.

Lending Compliance

A review will be conducted of your loan compliance program, which includes a focus on consumer compliance, regulations, disclosures, and  monitoring.

Deposit Compliance

A review will be conducted of your bank’s deposit compliance program, which includes operating procedures, policies, disclosures, and monitoring.

Interest Rate Risk Review

An independent review of the interest rate risk management process is performed. The review meets the requirements of the FFIEC guidance. The review covers the adequacy of related internal control systems and your risk management systems. Our review also measures the accuracy of data input into the system and the reasonableness of the assumptions. The review is based on the size and complexity of your bank.