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MIB Banc Services, LLC is a company organized by bankers’ for bankers and has been assisting community banks since 2004. This sets us apart from our competition as we are bankers working daily in a community bank and dealing with many of the same policies and regulations that our customers are dealing with on a daily basis. Simply stated, we are here to offer the services needed by community banks now and in the future. In today’s environment of increasing regulation and compliance burden, it is increasingly important that we are a trustworthy source which you lean to in managing your bank.

We have a knowledgeable team which has over 75 years of banking and regulatory experience. At MIB Banc Services we have experts in Loan Review, Audit and Accounting, Banking Operations, Compliance, and Information Technology. By doing business with us you will benefit by our knowledge of working with hundreds of community bankers. This daily involvement gives us insight in actual current trends in banking regulation and operations. Our staff understands the many hats that community bankers wear and we recognize the issues which you face each day. We are committed to staying abreast of regulatory and other market changes that will affect your bank so we can provide the assistance and the support you desire.

MIB Banc Services, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Midwest Independent Bancshares, Inc. Midwest Independent Bank is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Midwest Independent Bancshares, Inc. All staff that perform independent audit engagements or issue contracts and invoices for community banks are W-2 employees of MIB Banc Services, LLC. The Executive Officers of MIB Banc Services, LLC are contracted through a management agreement to Midwest Independent Bancshares, Inc. – therefore were is no direct management association between staff or management of MIB Banc Services, LLC and Midwest Independent Bank. This is an important distinction as many of our MIB Banc Services, LLC customers may also be customers of Midwest Independent Bank. for some or part of their correspondent banking business. This separation of duties and management authority enables the ability to maintain proper independence of the auditing profession.

Developing a framework for understanding independence risk is important because independence is the most fundamental and vital asset possessed by the auditing profession. Auditor independence requires integrity and an objective approach to the audit process.   All employees of MIB Banc Services, LLC annually complete education and training related to professional ethics and banking regulations, undergo criminal/legal background checks, and personal credit reviews.

Please refer to the biographical information on our website to learn more about our qualifications.

Thank you to our customers and shareholders for your years of service and the relationships we have established. For prospective customers, we look forward to establishing a relationship with you that will last for years to come.

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Benefits of our Audit Services

• Tailored Engagements Based on Your Specific Request
• Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff
• Audited from an “Examiner” Perspective

Benefits of our Audit Services